Dynamic Website or Static Website: What should be the best option?

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Published: 01st November 2012
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If, you are planning to have a website developed, but really got confused between Dynamic and Static Websites! There has always been a debate and uncertainty for website owners to go for a dynamic or static website.
‘Dynamic’ and ‘Static’, you may have come across these two ‘sounding technical’ terms while visiting different websites or while consulting a web development agency for the same. Well, in actual fact, it’s only after taking into account of your requirement or understanding the purpose of your website, one can advise you on what option should you consider.
Other than debating on one after another, it would be easy to understand if we discuss these two in feature wise as both dynamic and static websites have got totally distinct advantages and disadvantages.

• Usability Wise
Dynamic websites are user friendly as it gives you full freedom for the web content management. They are created with advanced and complicated technology making it easy to change the content. Here, the content is stored separately from the basic template. So when the data is updated using content management solutions, the same on the webpage also gets updated accordingly without disturbing the basic layout.
On the static website, the content and the layout are merged together permanently so the content cannot be easily updated. It can only be updated by a professional website developer.
As communicating updated information is one of the major and indispensable features of the business/corporate websites today, it would be worthwhile for such websites to opt for dynamic sites. If the web content management is not needed frequently and the purpose is only to have a web presence, static site is certainly the best choice.

• Appearance wise
You may come across many static and dynamic websites on the Internet, but it cannot be easily identified at the first appearance whether it is static or dynamic. If the site delivers only information without any interactive options, it is a static website. If the website gives interactive experience that could be a dynamic website.
Static websites are appeared to be more eye-catchy than dynamic sites for the reason that the designing of the pages are comparatively flexible. But the dynamic sites can be more interesting to the visitors as they have additional interactive functions.

• SEO wise
The developers usually advice their clients building static websites when the client’s requirement is mainly Search Engine Optimization(SEO). It is due to the complications for search engines to crawl and get SERPs for dynamic website. The dynamic sites still can create traffic depending on its appealing factor and if it can make the visitors to come back to the site again and again.
But again the constant content updates of dynamic websites can be an advantage for SEO as Google loves new and unique content.

• Build-functionality and Cost wise
Static websites are developed by using Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) whereas the Dynamic websites are created using active programming languages such as PHP or ASP. Static websites are much quicker and easier to develop since there is no complex programming needed. So static sites are the cheaper to develop and host. But taking the maintenance cost into consideration dynamic sites play better as there is no need of professional website development services hired to maintain it regularly.
In the ‘online history’ all the initial websites were static as their intention was only to give information. The content management solutions for dynamic websites are later introduced to cope with today’s ‘e-life’ where everything revolves around online activities. Website owners are considering dynamic websites as their primary option. After all, choosing your option between Static and Dynamic sites depends on what functions you want your website to perform. It’s advisable to opt for professional Web Development Company to find out what is best for your website.

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